Our functional verticals comprised of Med/Surgical Devices, Life Science/Biotech, and Warehousing/Logistics are strategically interconnected and maximize supply chain value.

Medical/Surgical Devices

As a medical device OEM, our capabilities include the design, engineering, and manufacturing of complete and component products utilized in support of healthcare systems. We are vigilant in developing and deploying the most innovative and advanced instrumentation and equipment to aid diagnostic and administration of therapeutic care to patients within the framework of quality, competitive pricing, and reliability.

The growing list of products (exclusive of unlisted commodities) for which the company has obtained regulatory approval for commerce in the US are as follows:

  • Infusion Pump & Accessories
  • Intravascular Fluid Administration Sets
  • Nasogastric Feeding Tubes and Esophageal Guide Wires
  • Pneumatic Tourniquet & Accessories
  • Disposable Procedure Trays
  • Surgical Drapes
  • Surgical Gowns
  • Nitrile Disposable Examination Gloves

Brochures may be provided upon request. Please inquire at the contact page.

Life Sciences / Pharmaceutical

The evolution of generic biologics and ever deepening industry regulations have meant a challenging commercial environment for life science product manufacturing. Within this framework is our commitment to meet customer objectives and deliver efficiencies through thoughtful business alliances forged primarily with a leading United States – based injectable manufacturing works. In this regard, our core offering is generic pharmaceutical injectables.

Our American primary manufacturing works has decades of experience and allows us to elevate standards for responsiveness and reliability — benefits of a condensed supply chain. Jointly, we commit to seeking responsive and innovative approaches to meet market demand for injectables.


Scale has been essential to ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of products. Multiple manufacturing sites yield annual production volume numbering in the tens of millions.

Expansion of our works roster to facilitate steady increase in output to meet projected growth in demand as well as creating production redundancies are company priorities. The continuous delivery of high value through quality standards, reliability, and an uninterrupted supply chain is the benchmark.

Pace & Elasticity

We truncate the timeline from manufacturing to therapeutic use through key alliances with continental US geopositioned works. The immediate benefit is to condense and simplify the supply chain with an added benefit of shiftability in operations to respond to market demands and help mitigate shortages, timely and with minimal effort.


With careful adherence to manufacturing quality standards and process controls, a prerequisite of our manufacturing works is that they employ automated manufacturing lines that limit or eliminate human interaction in sterile filling areas. With an overlay of highly trained labor, the full roster of our works score statistically high in meeting the quality regimes of regulatory agencies worldwide.

Warehousing / Logistics

Our main warehousing and fulfillment center is in Londonderry, New Hampshire within a five-mile radius of the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. Our warehousing resources include the full range of storage, fulfillment, and shipping capabilities inclusive of  unloading, receiving, and digitally tracking inbound/outbound goods, order picking and packing, and handling returns/exchanges. With the location comes seamless accessibility by international freight carriers and staging for the efficient movement of products to any destination.

Technology and Automation

Technology and automation are central to reliability and efficiency in our combined warehousing and logistics operations. The offering of tech-enabled operations for inbound, inventory tracking, and the outbound flow of products enhances speed, automation, visibility, and transparency and allows us to leverage our capabilities and enabling clients to monitor their supply chain.


A distinct service offered within the New England region is our capacity to provide on-demand same-day delivery of certain products. We maintain a fleet of company vehicles to serve end to end consumer requirements and, through tactical coordination with regional consumers, endeavor to ensure appropriate levels of inventory of select products through allocating and dispatching GPS tracked rolling stock for the final delivery.